We work with our clients to understand their vision for their business and then provide fixed up-front pricing to reflect our intention. Everything we do is tailored and there are no surprises.


Once we have looked after your basic business accounting needs we can also help you answer many frequently asked questions such as:

icon-tick Where has all my money gone?
icon-tick The profit & loss says I have made a profit but there is no money in the bank.
icon-tick Why am I constantly struggling to pay the bills?
icon-tick My business seems to be successful but I keep having unexpected bills come up.
icon-tick Why do I have to pay more money to the ATO?
icon-tick Why won’t they stop sending me letters?!
icon-tick How do I take my business to the next level?
icon-tick I would really like to escalate my business but don’t know how.

MH BOOKS Accounting take the time to listen to our clients and translate our observations into practical, useful recommendations that help businesses grow and prosper. We explain and minimise the complexity of any situation using clear, simple terminology. We provide sound advice and reporting to meet your current requirements and those that develop as your goals change. This blend of expertise and motivation is the driving force behind our success.